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Paroisse St. Denis Parish

St. Denis Parish History

The first church was built in 1909. The first priest was Father Maurice Pierquin (1909-1913). At his pastoral visit in June 1917, Msgr. Arthur Béliveau, Archbishop of St.Boniface, it was noted that there were 52 Catholic families in Haywood, and some parishioners had to stand outside during Mass, therefore, a new church, the present one, was built in 1919. The notes indicate that the cost was $6,000.00. Father Cyrille Allaire was pastor (1913-1921) then.

In January 1937, 114 households with a population of 585 were reported.

In 1941 the church was enlarged by adding two lean-tos, two bell towers and a sacristy. Mr. Pierre Dedieu and Mr. Gaston Bernard of Haywood were the directors / overseers. Electricity was brought to the church and furnaces were installed also in 1941.

In 1945 the new modern liturgical style altar along with the Way of the Cross were put in and blessed by Msgr. Georges Cabana. The new pews were installed in 1947 and two confessionals came in 1948.

A fire caused by lightning destroyed the parish rectory in 1988 and many records were lost. A new rectory was built but in 2000 we lost our resident priest so the rectory was rented out as a home. Using the existing office in those premises was at times inconvenient for both the tenant and the parish personnel so a parish office was created in the space used as a chapel in the sacristy of the church.

There are now approximately 200 Roman Catholics in the Haywood area. There are about 60 persons who attend Sunday Mass regularly.

On August 1st 2019, we were ecstatic in welcoming a newly ordained priest from Vietnam, Father Peter Lê Văn Ngũ who resides in St. Claude but serves our parish as well. This has allowed us to have Sunday mass regularly at 9:00 AM and adoration and confessions every Friday from 9:00 to 10:00 AM followed by mass at 10:00 AM.

Priests of St. Denis, Haywood

Maurice Pierquin

Cyrille Allaire

Alfred Chamberland

Edmond Lavoie

Jean-Marie Gagné

Gédéon Montminy

Louis Bédard

Joseph Choiselat

Florent Labonté

James Scharinger

Rosaire Gagné

Lionel Thibeault

Marcel Chaput

Rhéal Forest

Antoine VoVanHoa

Armand LeGal

Rodrigue Bouchard

Jean-Jacques Serceau

Mgr. Roger Bazin

Célestin Malengu Mubaya

Marcel Carrière

Guy Lavallée

Louis Légaré

Mgr.Bazin, Fr. John, Bishop, etc.

Solomon Arthur

John Tê Nguyen

Peter Lê Văn Ngũ

1909 – 1911

1913 – 1921

1921 - 1925

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1st resident priest

resident in St. Claude

resident in St. Claude

resident in St. Claude

resident in St. Claude

resident in St. Claude

priest-moderator from Winnipeg

priest-moderator from Winnipeg

various replacement priests

resident in St. Claude

priest-moderator from Holland Monastery

resident in St. Claude